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Nestled 220 km north of New York City, Albany serves not just as the state capital but as a repository of historical treasures, contemporary attractions, and the refreshing charm of nature. As with any city rich in offerings, efficient transportation is the backbone of an ideal visitor experience. This is where taxi service Albany NY comes into play, offering both residents and tourists a comfortable and hassle-free way to explore the city.

Whether you’re arriving via the Albany airport or venturing around the city’s iconic attractions, a taxi service in Albany NY provides the convenience you need. A particularly commendable provider is Welcome Pickups, guaranteeing an excellent standard of comfort and safety. Indeed, irrespective of rain or shine, the taxi Albany New York services ensure that you can make your way around with utter ease.

A Glance at the Cost

The fare structure of Albany NY taxi is intriguing. Unlike many U.S. cities with a fixed tariff system, Albany employs a zonal method, with the city being sectioned off into zones labeled A-G. The cost of your taxi journey is, thus, influenced by your starting and destination zones.

During the day, from 05:00 to 24:00, a ride from downtown Albany to the New York State Museum typically costs 7€, while during the night, from 00:00 to 05:00, this jumps to 8€ for a short 5-minute journey. Similarly, a transfer from downtown Albany to the Ten Broeck Mansion costs around 8.50€ during the day and 9.50€ at night, taking approximately 7 minutes.

These are, of course, average prices. Several elements, including the taxi service provider, might affect the final bill. Metered rates are also an option, with initial base fees ranging from $5-10 (€5-10), a per km cost of $1.25-1.40 (€1.25-1.40), and hourly waiting charges from $30 (€30). Notably, there’s an extra charge for additional passengers and surcharges for transfers post 18:00 up to 6:00, as well as on Sundays and Holidays.

Albany NY Taxi Services

Cab CompanyTelephone
Capitaland Taxi(518) 453-8888
Fast Taxi Albany(518) 202-9000
Yellow Taxi(518) 434-2222
All Star(518) 433-8888
Duffys(518) 433-8400
7 Star Taxi(518) 788-8831
Capital District(518) 505-9369
Spinner Taxi(518) 630-3594
Capital City(518) 488-2273
Martys(518) 330-5840
Prestige Car Service(518) 512-6183
Albany Cab(518) 364-2885
Cap City Cab(518) 788-5765
Buzzys(518) 428-8170
Abico Taxi(518) 545-9972
Albany Taxi(518) 888-1096
Baby Malcom(518) 364-2165
Eagle King 2(518) 878-6944
Family Taxi(518) 512-6590
Singh Express(518) 506-3513
Sunny Express(518) 256-5779
Universal Taxi(518) 364-3206
5 Diamond Taxi(518) 512-1217
5 Star(518) 253-6103
711 Taxi(518) 795-4308
786 Transportation(518) 852-1431
AA Taxi(518) 253-8877
Albany Taxi Cab(518) 253-0972
Almasah(518) 512-1217
Andrew Ryan(518) 248-0516
Best Way Taxi(518) 836-1919
Big John(518) 522-2205
Capital Express(518) 417-0938
Capital Oasis(518) 364-6829
Capital Region(518) 331-4700
Capital Taxi(518) 986-7769
Eagle King(518) 596-8721
Empire State Taxi(518) 334-6393
Excellent Car Services(518) 221-6911
Express Transport(518) 421-3322
EZ Cab(518) 320-0856
Good to Go(518) 253-4242
Hyvee Taxi(518) 763-8004
Joe & Bros(518) 505-2336
Kab NY Taxi(518) 322-1331
Kanan Taxi(518) 951-9480
Khalil Taxi Service(518) 512-6965
Kk Kids Cab(518) 506-8150
M&A Taxi(518) 339-5181
New York Taxi(518) 364-6416
Obrien Taxi(518) 368-6654
Raja Taxi(518) 930-3644
Rana Express(518) 701-5074
Rashad(518) 526-3174
Rawaf(518) 210-7023
Re Cab(518) 859-3641
Ris Express(518) 729-9424
Road Liner Transport(518) 728-5802
United Taxi(518) 379-8404
Vinnys Taxi(518) 428-8880
VIP Transportation(518) 724-8821
Yellow Z(518) 833-3777

Booking a Taxi in Albany

smiling man holds a smartphone on the city street, the yellow cabs on the city road and orange building behind him

Albany offers numerous ways to hail a taxi service Albany NY. For the traditionalists, there’s the good old hand-wave on the streets or making your way to a taxi rank, especially those near major attractions and commercial centers. Many choose to lean on the expertise of hotel receptionists, who can guide tourists to trustworthy taxi service in Albany NY providers. Among the renowned Albany taxi services are Capitaland Taxi, Fast Taxi Albany, Yellow Taxi, and All-Star.

Yet, in today’s digital age, pre-booking has seen a surge in popularity. Services like Welcome Pickups offer an intuitive app for quick bookings. Their transparent pricing and a fair cancellation policy make them a favorite among many.

A Few Handy Tips

Before hopping on, always inquire about the expected fare. It’s always better to have an approximate idea, even if you’re opting for a metered service.

NY state law mandates that upon request, drivers must provide a fare estimate, even for metered trips.

Negotiating a fixed rate might sometimes be more economical than a metered fare.

Don’t forget to tip! A standard taxi Albany New York etiquette recommends a tip of 15-20% of the fare.

Catering to Special Needs

Albany prides itself on being inclusive. Those requiring wheelchair-accessible taxis won’t be disappointed. Several companies like Capital City Taxi, Capital District Medical Transportation, and Advantage Transit/Yellow Cab offer such services, though it’s wise to pre-arrange to ensure availability.

Safety First

Safety is paramount. Always ensure that the taxi Albany New York you board is registered, and the driver’s credentials are on display. Should any grievances arise, the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) can be reached at +1 (518) 482 8822.


Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, Albany’s taxi services stand as a testament to the city’s commitment to offering unparalleled convenience. The next time you’re in Albany, or if you’re planning your first trip, rest assured knowing that the Albany NY taxi network has got your back, making every journey memorable.

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