In-Depth Analysis: Taxi Services in Bronx, New York

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Navigating the sprawling metropolis of New York can be a daunting task, and finding reliable transportation is essential. With countless options for taxi services in Bronx, NY, it can be overwhelming to pick the best one. This review breaks down some of the top taxi service providers in the Bronx area, offering insights into their services, operational hours, and customer feedback.

1. Assure Car Service

Serving the Jamaica region, Assure Car Service lives up to its name, assuring a wide range of transportation needs. From town car services and airport shuttles to long-distance taxi rides, their commitment doesn’t end there. They’ve even incorporated unique offerings like jump-start services and have ventured into the realm of food and grocery delivery. Truly an all-inclusive solution for all local transportation needs.

2. Bryan Taxi

Dedicated to around-the-clock service, Bryan Taxi stands as a beacon of reliability in Paterson, NJ. Their promise of 24/7 service, both for local and long-distance rides, showcases their commitment to serving the community without the constraints of time.

3. Lyft TLC

Hailing from Queens Village, Lyft TLC provides personalized taxi services. Their direct line, 516-208-6245, ensures you can reach out to them anytime. A direct contact line showcases their commitment to open communication and accessibility.

4. JLC Luxury Limo

Situated in Elmhurst, JLC Luxury Limo is where class meets convenience. With a sterling 5-star review, they cater to those seeking a blend of luxury and practicality in their transportation choices, offering town cars, limos, and regular taxi services all under one prestigious roof.

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5. Prestige Car Service

Prestige Car Service in the Bronx provides a distinguished car service experience. They’re open all day, promising to be there whenever their community needs them, and while there might be occasional hiccups in pricing, their commitment is unwavering.

6. Kiss Car Service

Kiss Car Service isn’t just a taxi service; it’s a lifeline for many, providing crucial medical transportation alongside its standard and airport shuttle offerings. Every ride with Kiss Car is a step towards dependable and comprehensive transit solutions.

7. Excellent Car and Limo Service

From Mount Eden, the Excellent Car and Limo Service strives to live up to its name. Offering both cars and limos, they endeavor to cater to the varied needs of their clientele. And while every business has its challenges, they remain a contender in the Bronx transportation arena.

8. Bailey Cab

Bailey Cab is known for its rich history of services. While consistency might be a challenge at times, they have a loyal customer base. Each ride is a new experience, and with Bailey, the journey often becomes a story.

9. Watson Car Service

Watson Car Service in Soundview is the embodiment of reliability. With commendations for their quick pickups and knowledgeable drivers, they remain a favorite for many in the Bronx, offering timely and efficient service.

10. Unicab Car Service

The single review suggests issues with punctuality, so planning ahead and confirming the timing is advisable.

11. Quick Car Svce

Quick Car Svce is synonymous with efficiency and reliability. They prioritize rapid response times and a seamless booking experience. Praised for their impeccable planning, customers can rest easy knowing that whether they’re scheduling a ride days in advance or need a last-minute pickup, Quick Car Svce delivers.

12. Premium Bronx

Premium Bronx offers a superior taxi experience in the heart of the Bronx. Operating around the clock, they’re dedicated to providing top-notch transportation solutions, including airport shuttles and medical transportation.

13. 1st Choice Taxi

Their dedication to customer service is evident from the moment you call to reserve a ride. With round-the-clock services, they prioritize punctuality and professionalism, ensuring that riders reach their destinations safely and comfortably. Many have hailed them as their “first choice” for early morning rides, praising the friendly and professional demeanor of their drivers.

14. Crosby Private Taxi

Operating in Schuylerville, they emphasize personalized service, ensuring each ride is tailored to the passenger’s preferences and needs. While the competition can be fierce, many riders choose Crosby for their transparency, reliability, and commitment to providing an unparalleled private taxi experience. 


The Bronx, NY, offers a plethora of taxi services catering to diverse needs. From luxury limos to quick airport shuttles, there’s something for everyone. It’s always wise to verify the details, check updated reviews, or get recommendations from trusted sources when choosing a taxi service in the Bronx. Your journey’s comfort and safety depend on it.

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